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Installer for those who want to completely control the installation process
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CreateInstall Free is a free program to create full installation files for your applications.
The program is supported by a very simple interface that displays, in an organized manner, the various options that we can add to the installer.

CreateInstall Free allows customization of each installation file, allowing the user to decide on the inclusion of various dialogues, permission to leave, an uninstall file, macros, and so on. Create installers including Portuguese.

But the application not only gives us freedom of choice in the visual aspect, but also allows the choice in the type of compression of the files that will form the installer.

The files are added to the installer with extreme ease, selecting from a main source folder but can add any additional files as you want.
The process of creation is based on all the scripts, which provides great flexibility for the program
and allows beginners to create professional auxiliary installations using the software that came with the program.

Ultimately, CreateInstall Free is a handy tool that will help us in creating installation files offering absolutely professional results.
CreateInstall Free can be used in Win 98, Win ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

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  • It's free. Create installers in different languages, including Portuguese


  • not compatible with vista
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